TVA Meteorological Data (TVAMet) - User Documentation

Table of Contents

1. Software Purpose & Function
2. Software Restrictions
3. User Interfaces
   3.1. Meteorological Data (15 Minute and Hourly)
   3.2. Tower Information
   3.3. User Sign In, Sign Out, and Password Features
   3.4. User Responses to Error Messages
4. User and Maintenance Support
5. Error Reporting

1. Software Purpose & Function

The TVAMet software application provides means to view real-world and simulated fifteen-minute and hourly meteorological data averages provided by the Nuclear Power Group (NPG) of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). This dataset is available to all users, internal and external to TVA, who possess a valid TVA Network ID (NTID). This interface was designed specifically to provide the aforementioned data to the Emergency Management Agencies of the states of Tennessee and Alabama.

2. Software Restrictions

This software in limited in scope to use by authenticated NTID holders. A web browser must be used to access this software.

Authorized users are free to use the data presented on TVAMet as needed. However, real-time data collected on the TVA towers is PROPRIETARY and should not be released to the general public in a raw, unverified form. The data are collected specifically to support TVA Emergency Preparedness activities, and the general public may not properly interpret the information during an emergency. TVA will provide the data to any requester after it has been validated.

3. User Interfaces

3.1 Meteorological Data (15 Minute and Hourly)

The meteorological data interface is composed of four pages per operating site: These pages can be found by navigating to an operating site's portal page by clicking that site's name on the home page or on the navigation bar. Data are available on a rolling 168-hour (7 day) window.

The meteorological data pages provide the user with the options to: NOTE: Meteorological data are presented in the local prevailing time zone; Browns Ferry data are in Central time, while Sequoyah and Watts Bar data are in Eastern time.

3.1.1 Description of Meteorological Data Points

Meteorological sensor outputs (except rainfall) are measured every five seconds (720 per hour). Rainfall is measured continuously as it occurs.

With the exception of rainfall, data are averages ending at the time listed (15-minute or hourly). Rainfall is the total for the time period.

The data logger accumulates output and performs data calculations to generate the following for display on the website:

3.2 Tower Information

Each operating site's portal page contains a "Tower Information" table detailing meteorological tower constants. These constants include the tower's physical geographic location and elevation, as well as sensor heights on the tower.

3.3 User Sign In, Sign Out, and Password Features

3.3.1 Signing In

A user that is not currently signed in to TVAMet will be automatically taken to the sign in page upon attempting to view any TVAMet page. To sign in to TVAMet, the user must:

3.3.2 Signing Out

To sign out of TVAMet, the user simply needs to click the Sign Out button in the top right corner of any TVAMet page.

3.4 User Responses to Error Messages

In the event of an error, the user will be informed there was an error and that an error report has been logged by the system. No user response is required.

4. User and Maintenance Support

Support for TVAMet is available by contacting TVA NPG Emergency Preparedness.

5. Error Reporting

In the event of an error, the user will be informed there was an error and that will be logged by the system. No user-initiated error reporting is required.

TVA NPG Emergency Preparedness should be notified of any errors found within TVAMet related documentation.